Which water filter choose
Which water filter choose?
Październik 4, 2018
Which water filtering jug choose Dafi or Brita
Which water filtering jug choose – Dafi or Brita?
Październik 29, 2018

Method of domestic tap water – reverse osmosis

Method of domestic tap water - reverse osmosis

At the moment there is no better method of domestic tap water filtration than reverse osmosis. This is also the most commonly method used by bottled water producers. It removes a lot of different types of contaminants which results in fresh and healthy water. Reverse Osmosis owes its high efficiency to the extremely small openings in the osmotic membrane, the size of which is 0.0005 micron. For comparison, the bacteria are between 0.2 and 1 micron, and the common viruses size is from 0.02 micron to 0.4 micron. The osmosis device consists of a carbon filter, an osmotic membrane that has been mentioned above, a container for clean water and a tap through which water flows into the vessel. Various reverse osmosis systems differ mainly in the quality of the membrane and efficiency, which is measured in the amount of liters of water that the system can filter in an hour. What is more, containers for clean water are produced in many sizes so it is a great convenience in every home.

However, reverse osmosis is not recommended for filtering water from open water reservoirs such as wells or lakes. The osmotic membrane can be quickly consumed by the negative impact of hydrogen sulfide, iron, chlorine and various types of bacteria contained in water In order to avoid frequent replacement of the membrane with a new one, it is worth enlarging our treatment system both in the initial sediment filter and in the initial carbon filter. This solution will cause large impurities to be stopped before they reach the osmotic membrane and violate its delicate structure. If the water in our house is very hard, it may be necessary to use softening filters, thanks to which our system will be longer useful, and we will longer enjoy healthy, filtered water without unnecessary replacements or repairs.

Although reverse osmosis is a very effective solution, it is used less frequently than the popular Polish Dafi filter jugs. This is due to the high price and not everyone can afford it. In addition, the osmotic filter eliminates all microelements from the water, even the desired elements, such as magnesium and potassium.

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