Method of domestic tap water - reverse osmosis
Method of domestic tap water – reverse osmosis
Październik 15, 2018

Which water filter choose?

Which water filter choose

Producers of water filters like, in order to meet our expectations, offering its customers a wide range of filters. The Polish manufacturer Dafi offers filters that match many types of jugs. This eliminates the need to buy another jug to use a different type of filter.

Types of water filters

  • Standard filter cartridges improve the quality of tap water. It is the equivalent of bottled water, ideal for drinking and cooking. Usually, universal cartridges additionally prevent the accumulation of scale and sediment in teapots and coffee makers.
  • Water softening filters for household appliances are also available on the market. They are intended for filtration of very hard water. As a result, we protect our appliances against scale. Thus we extend their service life. A filter for household appliances prevents the precipitation of a scale by reducing the excess of calcium and magnesium salts.
  • If you want to enrich the water with additional ingredients, you can choose water filters that additionally supplement the water with magnesium ions. MG + filters improve the taste of water and its composition, and thus can be a substitute for bottled water.
  • pH + filters, or alkaline filters, enrich tap water with sodium, calcium and potassium ions. What is more it mineralizes water and increases its pH. Using a pH + filter, we remove chlorine and its derivatives from water, as well as other substances that degrade the taste of water.

Dafi water filters purify tap water without demineralizing it. Filter cartridges for jugs are effective for 30 days. As a result, it is one of the cheapest solutions available on the market.

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