Method of domestic tap water - reverse osmosis
Method of domestic tap water – reverse osmosis
Październik 15, 2018
The taste of filtering water
The taste of filtering water
Październik 29, 2018

Which water filtering jug choose – Dafi or Brita?

Which water filtering jug choose Dafi or Brita

Drinking clean water is very important for our health. Water participates in all processes that take place in our body. Our body is 50% made of water. The daily recommended amount that we should drink each day is about 2 liters.

If you want to provide yourself with this amount of bottled water during the whole month, you might find that the costs are too high.

  • What to do in this situation?

It is worth taking care to improve the quality and taste of tap water to qualitatively match the bottled one.

  • How to do it?

It is worth to buy a water filter jug and matching it with a suitable filter that will cleanse and enrich our tap water.

What jug choose?

Jugs do not differ in quality. Both manufacturers provide us with a high quality product from good material.

So what’s the difference? From the aspect of priority. Considering the fact that Brita is a pioneer on the Polish market in this field, customers consider this to be the main brand. However, Dafi jugs are as good as the popular Brita jugs. Filters of both brands have similar quality and shape what makes it suitable for both Dafi and Brita jugs.

The Polish manufacturer  in order to meet the expectations of its customers, prepared ‘to go’ product. If we spend a lot of time away from home, we can successfully replace small bottled water with a Dafi filter bottle, which is available in modern shapes and colors. In bottles, we can use standard filters, magnesium filters and PH + type filters.

If we want to buy the right jug for us, it is worth considering what aspects are important to us.

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